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When the Inner Critic won't shut up!

What's an Inner Critic?


Why does it exist?


How can we fight our Inner critic?

When nothing inspires me

When we have strong negative emotions, positive thoughts don't seem to work.


What can be done?

When Comparison Anxiety kicks in

When we compare ourselves with others we start feeling anxious about our capabilities.


Is there a way out?

When I feel like an Impostor

We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we just don't feel good enough.


What can be done?


How can self talk help?

When I am Awesome and I know it

What is normal when it comes to how the mind works?


Who defines what is normal and what is abnormal?


Why act normal when you can be awesome?

When I focus on my inspiration

Do you continue to do something just because you are too good at it?


Is it okay to leave something you have been good at to try something you have never done in life?

When a million things inspire me

Finding focus when a hundred thoughts beckon can be a challenge


How can self talk help?

When I find the stories within me

Self exploration through self talk can help find stories within you that you are not aware of!

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