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At Konvos, we strongly believe in keeping the individual at the center of her mental health experience. Instead of looking down upon people as passive consumers of technology and experiences, we involve individuals actively in their journey to their emotional exploration. 

If you are a mental wellness enthusiast/writer/expert with a strong view about emotional wellbeing and are interested in guest posts by

  • sharing your mental health-related views or 

  • sharing your mental health journey or 

  • sharing your self-talk experience on Konvos 

please reach out to us here 


write for us

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We are looking for articles around emotional well-being, mental health, self-talk, teen mental health, student emotional challenges, women's mental health, social media addiction, social anxiety, contemporary mental challenges, impulsive behaviours, habit building, therapy experiences, meditation journey, self-help tools experimentation, and personal life experiences. Articles need to be original, not published anywhere else, and unique in view points.

We publish guest stories that give people the information they need in order to take action. We’re typically looking for reported pieces that rely on research and expert insights. Think how-tos, tips, tricks, advice, and explainers that people can act on. It’s not enough for a story to simply explain why something is the way it is; it should also help people understand what they can do with that information and how to apply it in their own lives in a practical sense. (Very simply, a good service story should tell a reader: Do this; here’s why.) 
While pitching your idea, please share the problem/challenges addressed and the solutions discussed.

For examples of guest posts, check out our mental health guides section.

Own your Story
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