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Welcome to Konvos - your app to improve self-talk and thereby, your emotional intelligence!

We are a team of engineers, designers and psychologists who are re-imagining emotional well-being through technology. With Konvos, we are on a journey to build “emotionally enabling” solutions that help us take control of the narratives in our heads.


Emotional wellness has long been defined as a way to avoid mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. We at Konvos question this definition. For a world that has to deal with the chaos of pandemics and global warming, what we need is not just  “coping” but “thriving” mechanisms when it comes to our psychological wellbeing.


To achieve our human potential we need to achieve our emotional potential first. Born out of the founders' personal journey with oppression, isolation, and emotional challenges, Konvos - Self-Talk for EQ, is built to change the way we perceive and transform our emotions to achieve this potential.


who are we?

Meet The Founders

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Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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A Stanford Ignite Fellow, Harish is a serial entrepreneur passionate about psychology and well-being

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Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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A gold medalist from University of Leiceister, Kavya is an expert in Emotional Leadership and has managed multi-million dollar product portfolios in digitisation

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“As someone who used to be stimulated by people, moving to a new country with no social network was challenging. In a way, we were living in a “lockdown” world even before it happened. While contemporary mental health solutions always focus on a lack of anxiety or difficult emotional states, cognitive stimulation and emotional enablement has been conspicuously ignored by the fraternity. This was OUR inspiration for building Konvos”

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