Feeling overwhelmed?

Self-Talk activities for Emotional clarity

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A unique approach to Emotional Well-being

Konvos is VERY helpful. It’s like putting an anchor in the emotion and being able to look around and ask what is really going on here

Sara, US

What story are you telling yourself ?

I am a loser !


Self-critical thoughts can paralyze the realist inside you. 


They think I...


Are you replaying what someone said to you yesterday? Does it give you anxiety ? 

I know I can !


Your belief in yourself can move mountains. Question your assumptions sometimes !

This is me


Keep breathing and observing your emotions. You can harness them to do great things.

My hero is ME !


Confidence in your capabilities is infectious. Couple it with good sense and a tinge of humility !

Why me ???


Blaming the universe for your misfortunes? Did you know the answers are within you?

Wooh, I did it !


Celebrate your successes as often as you learn from your failures.

He says I'll fail..


The opinions of others can confuse or guide you. Do you know where you want to go?

Research shows that we spend a third to half of our waking hours talking with ourselves in our minds.

What we tell ourselves in our mind, shapes our reality. 

Do you know what you are telling yourself?


How Konvos helps you

Talk it out with Konvos

Identify challenging life contexts

Respond to curated questions using your voice

Reflect and Re-wire your emotions 

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Self-Talk activities

for every life situation

Retell your story with Konvos

Be your own superhero. Your Story changes who you are

We get to be the hero and not the victim in our stories.

We get to choose what goes on the page that lives in our minds and shapes our realities


Lori Gottlieb

Psychotherapist and Author 

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