Break your mental barriers

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What story are you telling yourself ?

Research shows that we spend a third to half of our waking hours talking with ourselves in our minds.

What we tell ourselves in our mind, shapes our reality. 

Do you know what you are telling yourself ?


How Konvos helps you

When you talk your thoughts out loud, you connect with your emotions. 

Self-talk is the running commentary in your mind. This is the lens through which you see yourself.

Talk it out with Konvos

Know your emotions and triggers

Learn to reframe your story

Build your Emotional Intelligence


High Performance Rituals 

to fight the fear of rejection

Talk to Konvos to

Express your feelings
Make sense of your emotions
Explore your Emotional Intelligence

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We get to be the hero and not the victim in our stories.

We get to choose what goes on the page that lives in our minds and shapes our realities


Lori Gottlieb

Psychotherapist and Author 

Retell your story with Konvos

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