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23 observations about creativity

Image Source: 1. Creativity is removing the foundation of your building one brick at a time even while you are residing in it

2. Creativity is the attempt to fly when you can’t even walk

3. Creativity is looking back at the future and looking forward to the past

4. Creativity is watching your telephone conversations

5. Creativity is making sense of the whispers

6. Creativity is a perfect cocktail of reality and non-reality

7. Creativity is bending reality to allow for more imagination

8. Creativity is the ability to find meaning in your actions irrespective of the odds of success

9. Creativity is seeing our deepest fears with an eye of curiosity

10. Creativity is thinking without a hand even though you have one

11. Creativity is tampering with reality

12. Creativity is having a conversation with the problem over a cup of coffee

13. Creativity is changing the meaning of past and future events

14. Creativity is rejecting existing explanations and digging deeper for new ones

15. Creativity is taking all the rules of reality and removing them one by one in the world of imagination

16. Creativity is allocating space in the mind for an improbable situation

17. Creativity is producing new meaning with old ingredients

18. Creativity is questioning all the rules the world is built upon

19. Creativity is hearing your pictures

20. Creativity is actively believing in something that is not real (yet)

21. Creativity is seeing the present as the journey of the past towards future

22. Creativity is thinking of a cat while looking at a zebra

23. Creativity is seeing the present as “the future in slow-motion”


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