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Can technology answer the question -"what am I capable of"?

The internet is full of answers. About mars. About moon.

What I can’t find much about on the internet - Me. Who am I? What can I do and what can I not? What should I have for dinner tonight?

If Tiktok, Instagram or youtube were a person, they will view me from the perspective of an image or video. They will look at me from the perspective of the tiny pixels of actions I have done around the internet. The challenge is this - my actions are a search for something. They are not an end, they are means. The actions tell something about my emotional quests at the time.

I spend almost a third of my life on the internet. If I had spent that much time with a human being, that person will have nuggets of insights about me. The internet still does not have much to tell me about myself. There’s no reflection for my emotional self. And that bugs me.

We all use our friends and family as our emotional mirrors. We talk, ask questions and use others' reactions to our behaviour to deduce who we are and how we are perceived. The struggle is that there is a lot of bias in ourselves and others. I need an unbiased mirror. A mirror that has only “my needs” as its core part of intelligence.

Can technology tell things about me that even I don't know about myself? From the way I type, from the way I speak, from the way, I look at things - can it call out my biases? Can it sense patterns in my thinking - not to label me anxious or depressed, but tell me things that actually help me decipher myself?

These are the questions we are finding answers at Konvos

Give a holler if this is something you would want to spend the next decade solving for.


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