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Can technology enable my Emotional Intelligence?

“I need an egoless entity that puts my ‘intelligence needs’ as the central part of its function” In a recent conversation, my therapist friend talked about how therapists, counsellors and coaches are still human beings. “We have our own needs", she says. “The challenge is to see past our ego and think purely for our clients”.

There’s a lot of learning to do in therapy. It requires the individuals to understand the therapists, as much as therapists understand us. We all are living things with underlying beliefs that run our every day thinking and actions.

Truly helping another human being requires us to step away from our perspectives and take the individual’s life views with their emotional situations. It takes exceptional skill and training for a human being to do this. What if technology can think for us?

The most important thing for this possibility is whether technology can put my needs as the central aspect of its existence or not. Technology will not need training to look past its ego, just effective ways to learn my thinking patterns and help me when I need it.

By bringing technology to enable us in our emotional lives, we can scale emotional wellbeing with 100X speed compared to training and up-skilling human beings to be great counsellors and therapists


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