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Our ability to exploit is what’s pushing us away from our dreams

Intent exists to solve for our deepest desires. It’s the energy that pushes us to go search for that unexplainable thing in our world. It’s an urge that’s a result of all our life experiences so far.

When we drive our intent, it’s like a flower blooming or dew drops on the grass. Natural, organic. When intent drives us, when it occupies all our brain space, it has taken a different form altogether.

Let’s say you have a few friends with whom you feel like yourself, get some of the great ideas, and feel great emotions whenever you meet them. Now imagine you live with them. Can they inspire you all the time? When intent magnifies beyond a point, it doesn’t let us see what was driving us towards that intent in the first place. Running towards someone to hug them is part of the hug in itself. Imagine all you care about is just the hug. How would your body and mind build that energy up for that beautiful moment of human bodies embracing each other?

When something works for us, helps us, connects us to something we want — we want that again and again. We want it to happen more often. Great food, sex, idea, blog, book — the first time they happen, they feel awesome. Because after that we end up worrying about how to recreate the magic.

It might feel good to believe that we can recreate the magic. But in reality it's a penance. It’s about staying true to the core emotion that drives us. It’s about having faith and being loyal to the essence of who we are.

So the next time something great happens, don’t try and analyze it to make it happen again. Let go of the intent. And absorb the energy that moment generates in you. Do and feel things that take you towards that energy. But when it doesn’t happen don’t go crazy with your desire to achieve something. Just realize that you might just be running towards that hug.


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