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What do Gods and Movie Stars have in common?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The art of cognitive reframing

There is this cliched proverb

“Do you see the glass half full or half empty?”

Either way, the moment you hear the sentence, you are aware of both the possibilities. If you are a person who has always seen the glass half full, you will now see it half empty as well.

In Psychology, this is called Reframing.

Are you stuck with life? Are you an underdog in what you are doing?

Do people around you underestimate you, underestimate the fight in you? You’ll love the movie “Rocky” as the protagonist fights his way against all odds — Reframing. You are going through a life situation, where you are conflicted about a decision you have to make. You listen to Krishna’s voice in The Bhagavad Gita where he tells Arjuna about Karma.

You find it much easier to act. — Reframing.

Reframing is our ability to change the way we think to act We all know that this is a powerful ability we possess — at least subconsciously. We keep looking at alternate ways of doing things. We are intrigued if a neighbor gets rich suddenly. Or a relative goes abroad and makes more money than us. If it’ is a possibility for others, it could be a possibility for us as well — Reframing.

Reframing as a technique, is not new.

In fact, it is the oldest of the old. Originally, we learnt reframing from

The Bible, The Quran, The Bhagavad Gita, and our mythologies. When I read about Krishna killing Kamsa or Shiva doing a Rudra Tandava, I make sense of my emotions differently than before. I learn new ways of thinking from Mythology. This is pretty well documented by Joseph Campbell in the book — The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

This form of storytelling distanced us from our strongest beliefs. It sent us to an imaginary world with flexible possibilities. By associating ourselves with a “God” — we disconnected from our strongest negative tendencies. We questioned them, and reframed them to feel better and move forward. Sound familiar?

Over time, Gods and Mythologies ruled when it came to “Reframing”. This is why many people in Asian cultures still go to temples or prayer rooms to “talk to God”. I have seen my mom get angry at God and chide him at times. It’s a very personal relationship. Gods and mythologies are a core part of psychology for a many people to make sense of their world. In the last century, Movies became one of the predominant forms of story-telling and movie stars took on the role of Gods in some cultures. In other cultures, sportspersons and pop stars took up this role.

Movie stars, sportspersons, and rock stars activate a hidden part of our personalities. By becoming our reflection, they allow us to make sense of our capabilities and connect with ourselves better.

source: The Hindustan Times.

M.G.R was a famous Tamil Indian actor who ended up being the 3-time chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu in the ‘70s and ‘80s. His story is one of the rags to riches and also one of a movie star taking the space of God in the hearts of people.

By becoming a medium of reframing, they become intimate and close to our hearts and minds. Some of us relate with our role models so closely that at times we don’t see where we end and where they begin.

Where does the culture of Reframing go from here? How is Reframing going to change shape in the world of Netflix and Facebook? How is it shaping technology? Or more importantly, how is technology shaping it? What would the evolution of Reframing look like in the digital world?

Konvos is the answer that came from asking such questions.

In essence, Konvos is a “reframing” app. It makes people access parts of their minds in specific life situations to find intelligence within themselves that helps change the way they perceive life.

Be it fear of failure, fear of being judged, or not feeling good enough, we need quick ways to reframe our minds around the barriers that feel huge to us.

Konvos is the tool through which people can affect their Inner Voice in ways that stir new possibilities for them. When individuals question and change their stories, they get to be the architect of their own narratives.

By doing so, Konvos is bringing “reframing” — the underlying essence of our art, religion, and entertainment to billions of people out there!


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