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What's up with me?

Every time I get stuck with a problem or feel anxious or don’t have any energy to act, I am clueless as to what is happening. I keep asking myself - Is it me or the world?

Sometimes I wish there was a “psychological mirror” to reflect how I am doing internally. Is it even possible to understand and track how my Inner Self is doing?

Our Psychological framework is key to our happiness and satisfaction. But how do we know if our Inner Self is helping us or being a barrier to happy and fulfilled lives?

How am I orienting my mind - around my strengths or weaknesses?

How am I absorbing the information from the world?

How am I moulding the energy inside me based on what’s happening (and not happening) around me?

Every one of these questions is key to understanding why I behave the way I do. These are all underlying components, driving my Inner Self, behaviour, and actions. How do I understand myself better? Where do I even get started?

I have been tracking my self-talk on Konvos for six months now. Our Self-Talk - the way we talk to ourselves inside our head gives a "reflection" of how well we are doing cognitively and emotionally. The interesting thing about this “tracking” on Konvos is that it reflects how my inner self is doing, in simple terms - whether I am thinking with my Inner Hero or Inner Critic. And every time I check my pattern, I could clearly see how I am doing psychologically. I can see more relevance in my actions, find insights into what’s happening with my life and reorient myself in ways that are valuable to me.

Want to track and understand how your inner self is doing? You can now build your own Self-talk tracker on Konvos. Now on -

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