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Why success mantras don’t work?

The thing you chasing is also chasing you — Rumi, Sufi Saint

We take the wisdom, and success stories of other people and turn them into mantras.

This is the thing — the mantra evokes this beautiful feeling in the hearts of people who discover them. When my entire life experience connects with the mantra, I am so one with it. I can feel it in my nerves. I don't have to keep remembering or repeating it to myself to feel positive. At my vulnerable times, the mantra occurs to me. It reminds me of the truth I always know.

On the other hand, when I take someone else’s outcome — without having commonality in their journey, I am just being greedy. I need all the outcomes without the work. Even if it’s someone I adore, I still cannot generate positivity out of their insights. It can inspire me for a tiny bit of moment towards the truth in my heart. But it can never be the shortcut to my success. Every time I repeat such statements, they feel shallow. I know they are hollow. And I keep repeating thinking that one day it will come true. That’s wishful thinking. Not a journey to my dreams.


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