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Consciousness is an awareness of existence, not the creator of it

Being conscious of a desire or intent is always considered to be the first point in our drive to achieve them. You have a desire for something, you are conscious of it, and then start to work towards it, right?

In the past decade or so, researchers have been gathering more and more data on how our Intelligence is not just in our brains but spread across our bodies. They call it Embodied Cognition. Our reflexes, body language, postures, emotional tones in our voice — we make a million alterations in our bodies based on what’s happening around us.

Our consciousness about ourselves and what’s happening to us — is just a minuscule part of our entire intelligence. With mindfulness training, we might become more aware of these aspects, but mostly we don’t consciously process them.

“What you consciously want is something you might already be subconsciously moving towards”

Our consciousness is a stream of data that’s trickling towards us. When we consciously perceive something, it just means that we are aware of them, not that they just begin to exist. We might already be on the path of change even as we are starting to realize the need to change. Our mind operates in ways that recruit different parts of our intelligence as and when required. We being conscious of something is just part of the bigger plan that our minds are conspiring, along with the universe!


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